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Liven up your content by adding characters. In iSpring Suite, you can find characters for a variety of topics: business, casual, industrial and medical spheres.

Adding characters to a slide

To add a character from the Content Library to a slide, do the following:        

  1. First, click the Characters button on the toolbar.


  2. Next, enter search terms at the top, or narrow down your criteria on the left.
    To find the desired character, use the search option. Type in the name, keyword or pose in the Search field. When you apply the filter, the objects meeting the specified sorting conditions will be displayed.

  3. Then, choose a character from the list.
  4. Choose the pose that you need: standing, sitting, talking and more. 

  5. Finally, click the Insert button. The character you have chosen will be inserted onto the slide. You can change the size of the image, place, rotate, flip or crop it the way you like. 


Changing characters

To change the pose of the inserted character, do the following:

  1. Choose the character on the slide
  2. Click the Character button on the ribbon
  3. Choose the desired pose.
  4. Click the Insert button.
  5. The image will be replaced with a new one.