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If you choose to upload your screen recording to YouTube:

  1. Click Upload  to YouTube in the Video Preview window.

  2. In the Upload to YouTube window, click Sign In.

  3. Next, log in to your YouTube/Google account: enter your credentials (email/phone and password).

  4. At one point, Free Cam will ask you for permission to view your YouTube account and manage your videos. If you agree, click Allow.

  5. After you sign in with Google/YouTube, Free Cam will validate your data, and you will see it in the Account field. 

  6. Now, you can enter the title and description of your video, select its category and set up access permissions.

  7. Finally, click OK to upload your video to YouTube.

  8. Free Cam will open the video in your Youtube account. From there, you can share it with anyone, edit it and track analytics.