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The View Recording window that pops up after you finished your recording provides several options:

Editing a Screen Recording with the Video Editor

By clicking the Edit button, you can open the Video Editor and make the changes to your recording such as trimming clips, removing background noise, or applying fade effects. 

Saving a Recording to a Video File (*.wmv)

You can save your recording as a video file right on your computer. Just select the Save as Video option, and the Save As window will open. You can enter the video name and choose a folder on your computer to save it.

Saving a Recording into a Project File (*.screenrec)

To save your recording as a project file, open the application menu and select the Save Project option. The recording will be saved in the *.screenrec format. 

This option is particularly useful if you want to edit the recording later with Video Editor. If you don't want to edit the recording later, it's clearly easier to export it as a standalone video in .wmv format.

To open the exported project file, browse for it in the Quick Start window.